Indian Graphite Electrodes Contracts Likely to Plunge

If reliable sources are to be believed, it seems increasingly likely that Indian Graphite Electrode manufacturers are to lower the UHP grade electrode price by INR 50,000/MT (USD 710/MT) for the ongoing month of Mar’19. Subsequently, the price of UHP grade Graphite


How will Iran Source Graphite Electrodes Amid Sanctions?

The two major suppliers of Graphite Electrodes to Iran are China and India, with the former contributing about 70% of Iranian imports and the latter about 10%. But with sanctions in place, both countries have turned sceptical about dealing with Iran. Now,


Will Graphite Electrode Prices Bounce Back in 2019?

Tardy pace of new capacity additions in and shortage of key raw material – Needle Coke to support Graphite Electrode prices. Graphite Electrode manufacturers around the globe had a wonderful run for almost a year starting from the latter half of 2017


Surge in Indian Imports of Chinese Graphite Electrodes

Lifting of anti-dumping duty on Graphite Electrode imports from China paves the way for cheaper Chinese electrodes making their way back into the Indian market. In India (which has emerged as the world’s second largest crude steel producer overtaking Japan), the lion’s


Will China’s Graphite Electrodes Flood World Markets By 2020?

All eyes are on the fast-changing dynamics of the Graphite Electrode market in China, not least because of its global implications in shaping prices and demand.The phenomenal rise in China’s Graphite Electrode prices over the past one year was largely attributable to


Will Graphite Electrodes Prices Continue to Rise in China?

The UHP grade graphite electrodes (GE) has been key component of electric-arc furnace (EAF) route of steel manufacturing but did not receive much attention until last year when the Chinese industry announced closure of polluting induction furnaces and shifted its focus towards